Domesday XXV

Domesday XXV

25th November 2011

This section is about the incarnation of my Domesday Machine which I assembled for the 25th anniversary of the Domesday Project, which I have called Domesday XXV. The first picture set shows Domesday XXV being set up for the first time, with my repaired VP415, in July 2011. I did plenty of work with Domesday XXV in July, August and September 2011 before giving the old thing a bit of a rest. The second set shows how I created the logo for this Domesday XXV section.

I thought it was only proper to have my Domesday System running on the actual anniversary, so the third picture set was taken on 25th November 2011, with some slight changes to the hardware involved.

Please click on the picture links above to see more of Domesday XXV - it might not work any more on the 30th anniversary!!

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