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Philips VP415 LV-ROM Player

This section is all about the VP415 LV-ROM player, and my escapades with it. Although there are a number of models in the Philips VP400 series (VP406, VP410, VP412 and VP415 and possibly others) it appears that the VP415 is the only player ever produced which is capable of reading LV-ROM discs. LV-ROM was the special laserdisc format developed for use with the BBC Advanced Interactive Video computer.

The VP415 operating instructions and service manual speak in general terms about the LV-ROM format, yet I've never heard of it being used for anything other than discs intended for use with the BBC AIV system. The format does not appear to have been taken up outside the BBC micro world. So, if LV-ROM discs are pretty rare, at least there are a few different releases to choose from, whereas the LV-ROM disc drive was limited to a single model which makes it (and fully working examples especially so) most rare indeed!

I hope you will click on the picture links below to learn more about the unique VP415.

Wonky LV-ROM Player
Now known as the BeebMaster Wonky LV-ROM Player, this is the first one which arrived and was dead for the first 7 years it lived here.

Good LV-ROM Player
The BeebMaster Good LV-ROM Player arrived a couple of months after the dead one and has worked reasonably reliably since, with the exception of one worrying 14 month period.

Digital Services LV-ROM Player
This is the newest arrival of the BeebMaster LV-ROM Players and needed some attention before it was brought into service.

VP415 Diagnostics
The LV-ROM Player, and other Philips players in their VP400 series, has a set of two diagnostic modes.

VP Player Power Supplies
Over the years, problems with the PSU has led to a lot of chopping and changing, and plenty of repair work.

VP415 Test
All 3 LV-ROM Players were tested at the beginning of November 2016 to make sure at least one of them still worked.

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