I suppose at this point I should be saying "so long, and thanks for all the fish!" I've had a wonderful time over the last 13 years sourcing, making and selling all sorts of upgrades and accessories for the BBC Micro and other Acorn Computers, but the time came to put it all to a stop. It was getting hard to get hold of replacement parts, and having a shop website open for 366 days and 1 second each year (well, for the year just gone anyhow) meant that I always had to be on call whenever anyone needed anything.

I wish I could give you facts and figures on how many 8271 kits, BBC B Econet upgrades, BeebMaster Econet Clocks, Econet Modules, Sideways RAM modules or Econet leads I've sold since 2003, but I never kept an accurate record.

Here's a bit of a nostalgic look at some of my bestsellers - the 8271 Disc Upgrade, the BBC Model B Econet Upgrade, the Sideways RAM Module and Disc Power Leads.

Anything I've got to sell will now appear on E-Bay as and when I've got stock and got the time to set up some listings. There are still BeebMaster Econet Clocks, Econet Modules, Econet Terminators, disc drive power and data leads to be had, so to see if I'm listing anything at the minute, please visit E-Bay here.

Updated 1st September 2017