This is a frame extracted from the recording made on the DVD recorder.

I'm sure you will agree that it's a phenomenal improvement on the old camera method, but there's a certain lack of colour!

That will be solved in just a moment, but first...

Several things have in fact happened to get this picture here.

So I have recorded a few seconds of this screen onto the DVD, then I have ejected the DVD and put it in the PC. I then copy the ".vob" file from the DVD onto the hard drive and rename it to an ".avi" file. This means that I can now play the file as if it were any other video clip. I can put it in my video editing software which has the option to extract individual frames as ".jpg" files and as I play through the clip, I press the extract option as often as necessary to produce the screenshots.

Just thought I should make that clear before we go any further!