This is a reference image of a screenshot taken in the traditional method, ie. pointing the digital camera at the monitor and hoping for the best.

This picture isn't bad, the text is fairly clear, the picture itself is pretty straight and there's no flash obliterating part of the screen or strobe of darkness going across the screen.

On the other hand, it's far too bright and of course there is a distracting reflection in the picture showing me pointing the camera!

This image is from early 2004 and over the next two-and-a-half years, I evolved a method of getting the best out of the digital camera when pointing it at the screen. Turning the brightness down on the monitor, standing on tiptoes to stop the flash reflecting on the screen, using the Night-flash option on the camera, turning the lights off, adjusting the curtains, and doing everything eight or nine times over to get a half-decent shot each time!

I had long wanted to be able to record the screen output directly onto videotape or, later, DVD disc, but this always proved impossible. That is, until November 2006, when I shelled out the best 12p I've ever spent to solve this seemingly insoluble problem!