Discs 2010

Twenty-two-and-a-half hours after the arrival of my second Laservision Remote Control, what should come along but a second set of Domesday Discs!

With E-Bay being practically the only source of this type of ancient material, I'd pretty much given up on ever being able to get a second set of Domesday Discs. I was very much going through the motions at the end of November 2010 when I put in a bid for the above, fully expecting to lose out in the last 3 seconds which is what had happened with quite a few Domesday items over the years, including about 3 sets of Domesday Discs.

Well, I didn't and although I don't quite know why, we shan't dwell on that, because they're here and that's all that matters! This set contains a couple of additional items which were missing from my original set, so I was well pleased when the parcel turned up in a red van.

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