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After years of unfulfilled promises, I finally made it to my first classic computer convention in March 2009. I enjoyed myself so much that I'm hoping to make as many appearances as possible at this kind of do! When I've been I'll report back here, so you can find out what I've been doing.

Byte-Back 2009
In March 2009, I attended "Byte-Back" in Stoke-on-Trent, my first ever classic computer convention.

Wakefield Show 2009
Six weeks later, I was in Wakefield for the annual RISC-OS show.

Console Combat 2009
I thought I might not be able to make it to any more computer events in 2009, but then Console Combat came along, close to home in central Manchester.

Acorn World 2009
In September I was in Huddersfield for Acorn World. What a busy 2009!

Wakefield Show 2010
My first convention appearance of 2010 saw a return visit to the Wakefield show.

Bletchley Show 2010
June 2010 saw a trip to Bletchley Park, where I attended the Acorn World section of the Vintage Computer Festival. This was the first show where I was officially exhibiting rather than just attending!

Wakefield RISC OS Show 2011
Another year, another RISC OS show, and I was glad to be in West Yorkshire again to see all the latest developments in the world of RISC.

Lass O'Gowrie
July 2011
Back at the Lass after an absence of 2 years, with some familiar faces and kit.

Lass O'Gowrie
January 2012
A postponed return date at the Lass.

Wakefield RISC OS Show 2012
Now something of a regular fixture in the BeebMaster calendar of day releases, the Wakefield show in April 2012.

Lass O'Gowrie
August 2012
Third event for 2012 and a second appearance at the Lass.

RISC-OS South West Show
February 2013
An unscheduled day trip to Weston-super-Mare for the annual South West RISC-OS show gave me my first outing of 2013.

RISC-OS Wakefield Show
April 2013
After three months of BeebPlanning, I turned up for the 2013 Wakefield show to set out my special 10th anniversary stall. Yes, and cake!

Wakefield RISC OS Show 2014
Back to Wakefield in April 2014 for my first show of the year.

Play Blackpool May 2014
A week after Wakefield it was off to the Lancashire coast for something on a totally different scale to Wakefield.

Halifax November 2014
This very special event was for members of the STH Forums and limited to 20 people, so I was very fortunate to get in. I've booked for the next one already just to make sure I reserve a place!

Halifax January 2015
Back to Halifax for the first gathering of 2015, and more of the very same!

Wakefield RISC OS Show 2015
Another April, another Wakefield!

Arcade Club April 2015
On the way back from Wakefield, a slight detour to Haslingden to visit their weekly "Arcade Club".

Bolton June 2015
A new venue for the STH-forum-organised BBC and Acorn meetings, this time even closer to home in Bolton.

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