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BeebMaster PhotoBank

The PhotoBank is the name I give to the stack of images I have built up for future updates. Even when I'm not sitting in front of the P.C. churning out pages of new HTML, I'm at it with the old Canon Powershot taking new piccies for future!

So much so, in fact, that over the couple of years, the stock of new pictures has rapidly outstripped the rate of updates. The information in this section gives a flavour of how many images I have in reserve for more updates in the months to come!

I select the best pictures taken by the camera, crop them and sort them into picture sets. In some cases, the source material for the picture set is a DVD recording instead of a set of camera photographs.

The table below shows the number of sets, total images and total file size of all the images in the PhotoBank broken down by month.

MonthNumber of ImagesNumber of SetsTotal File Size
January 2007112,073,908
April 2009311,246,763
November 2009421,556,832
March 2010106416,926,686
April 20103692695,088,416
June 2010128496,678,961
July 20102711325,160,457
August 20102011064,560,150
October 2010283748,425,398
December 201032521,486,207
January 2011118525,788,337
February 20114122031,189,962
March 201127413,668,198
May 201163610,503,617
June 201169418,311,988
July 20114641396,184,314
August 201194812,055,121
September 20111881141,232,955
October 20112291851,580,719
November 2011172926,233,517
December 2011290713,078,642
January 20121411732,142,690
February 2012148850,214,987
March 201255419,304,606
July 2012117216,991,706
August 2012198928,562,196
September 201283437,164,275
October 2012612,907,402
November 2012180521,010,796
December 201240519156,517,992
January 201318116109,145,957
February 201351717115,137,315
March 20136791743,506,539
April 201316223,513,093
May 20132206144,265,263
July 2013845141,985,375
August 2013176656,765,505
September 2013210752,984,921
November 20132214,621,797
December 2013274343,127,785

I've also categorised all the picture sets, to give you a bit of a flavour of the subject matter:

CategoryNo of SetsNo of PicturesTotal File Size
32 bit24589189,880,331
8 bit33603209,880,182
Cheese Wedges1113427,055,578
D Moore46985371,229,562
Hard Drives1748073,624,609
Master 51217161,681
Midwich DFS1559038,538,044
Second Processors112,073,908

Every time I update this page, the total just seems to get bigger and bigger....

Updated 8th January 2014

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