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6th April 2014 New tax year, but still the same BeebMaster bringing you yet more from my collection: today you can see three new picture sets from my Solidisk BBC Micro.

In case you are wondering where the BeebShop went, I closed down its own separate domain in March 2014, so you will have to retune your aerial to its new home, which is here.

Before I clock in again, I will be off to Wakefield for the annual RISC-OS show, which is taking place on Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Cedar Court Hotel - for all the details, have a look at the show website here.
3rd March 2014 As promised, more on Domesday 2014 - from the problems I'm still having in getting my Domesday System to auto-boot to the Domesday Condensed Font. Still on the Domesday theme is my new (well, it's from October 2010 actually) set replacing the original 2004 images of Navigating around the Community Disc and a look at calculating areas and distances with the Community Disc.
24th February 2014 A bit later than I'd predicted, but I've been busy setting up and photographing the latest incarnation of my Domesday Machine, which is a special setup to mark ten years since I first got the thing off the ground. The first thing I did was some more work on using the small typeface that the Domesday System uses, which you can learn about here and also a set on the extra Sideways RAM I installed for the occasion.

More in March, see you soon!
8th January 2014 I've got round to finishing my set on using the Acorn Atom for the first update of 2014, with the remaining 55 pictures added to the set.

I hope you'll take the opportunity to have a look around some of the other sections of my website, especially today's update to my Monarchy Pages.

Hope to see you in early February for more!

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