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1st January 2015 Happy new year! I thought I'd spent 2014 very productively catching up with the PhotoBank, working my way through picture sets from 2010. I was about to start the new year making more progress with July 2010, when upon consulting my PhotoBank database, I realised that I'd discovered in about June 2013 that I'd missed out the picture sets from April 2010, so I added them at that time, at that point! So I'm even more behind than I thought, nearly five years late now! I've also completed the re-organisation I started in September, the final step having been to rename the main pictures directory from GenFiles to Pics. As far as I know, everything works, but let me know you find anything amiss!
Starting today and from April 2010, then, are new pictures of my Challenger BBC B with a second a set showing it in use.
Next today my Watford BBC also coming with a second a set showing it in use.
Whilst you're here, please have a look at my updated BeebStats section, as well as my Acorn-free zone.

See you again in early Feb for more!

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