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1st May 2016 Happy birthday to me, and let's hope my 13th anniversary will bring good luck. It's showtime for this update, bringing picture sets from the most recent four events I've attended:
A second outing in Bolton for the Beeb User Group gathering.
Closely followed by a third and final trip.
A day-trip down south for the annual RISC OS South-West Show near Bristol.
A regular BeebMaster fixture at the Cedar Court, Wakefield.
As ever on this anniversary day, I hope you will use the opportunity of your visit to have a good root round in the depths of BeebMaster, and don't forger that the 90% sale is still running at the BeebShop!
21st April 2016 Today we say Happy Birthday, Your Majesty to our Gracious Queen who reaches 90 years young and you can see the latest update to my Monarchy section here.

It's customary on occasions as historic as these for the BeebShop to have a bit of a discount sell-off, and today is no exception - so pop along to my latest Royal Birthday Discount Sale!
4th April 2016 As promised at the beginning of the year, there will be quite a focus on Domesday and laserdisc throughout 2016 right up to the 30th anniversary in November. Today's updates follow this theme:
A picture set on the Help text and Video on the Domesday Community Disc.
Using the find facility to search for topics of interest on the Community Disc.
Here's a set on a software package released in 1987 for use with the Domesday System.
This is my first Philips VP406 laserdisc player.
6th February 2016 I held back my February update this year to specially coincide with Accession Day, being the first occasion in our history when a reigning Monarch has clocked up 64 years, which is very nice 8-bit computery number as well, and you can see my special Royal update here. For pure 8-bit computery I can offer you some Atomic magic today:
This is one of my Atoms fitted with an MMC interface in June 2010.
Shortly after photographing the Atom MMC, I devised a reliable method of recording Atom screenshots.
Here's the Atom being used in conjunction with its new MMC add-on.
With the MMC software I have, saving files to the card using the Atom is a bit involved - 36 pictures' worth of involved, to be precise.
3rd January 2016 Happy new year! I hope you'll take a look at these first updates to 2016:
This is a BBC Model B that I've had for a few years: it has the 1770 disc upgrade but sadly it's under the weather.
Here's a set showing some RAM tests being run on the machine.
2016 is a very significant year for Laserdisc, as November this year will mark 30 years of the BBC Domesday Project. This year's updates will be peppered with laserdisc related updates, starting today with a look at some of my collection of the early BBC Video releases
This is my collection of laserdiscs in the BBC Video "1000" series.
A special close-up look at the first in the series, Mr Smith's Vegetable Garden, and probably therefore the first-ever BBC laserdisc.
A set on this laserdisc being put through its paces with a VP406.

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