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Diamond Jubilee Carriage Procession

For me, the formal events of a carriage procession and balcony appearance are what major Royal occasions are all about: all my planning for the Diamond Jubilee was centred around getting onto the front row for the events of Jubilee Tuesday.

I don't mind admitting that I was a bit worried by this point - I'd been in London since Sunday, and it was now Tuesday, and I hadn't actually see Her Majesty The Queen yet, so I was more determined than ever not to miss my chance to witness history being made.

Technically, I had seen Her Majesty on Sunday, in the far distance on the Royal Barge, but I didn't know that I had until I got back home and looked at all the photographs in detail! So, I decided I must redouble my efforts and get up that little bit earlier than planned to stake out my claim to a front-row place on the Mall. I succeeded, and I can bring you the most detailed photographic record of the Diamond Jubilee Carriage Procession anywhere online - so please click on the picture links above to see everything!

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