BeebMaster's Greatest Ever Find!!!

BeebMaster's Greatest
Ever Find!!!

On 12th May 2003, I went out to collect some unwanted BBC equipment from a gentleman who was clearing out his collection and I came back with the following unbelievable find:

Below is a detailed list. I hope you will click on some of the links to discover more.

Issue 2 BBC Model B with
disc and Econet, DNFS and sideways RAM module
Issue 7 BBC Model B with
disc interface and Watford Electronics 12 ROM board
BBC Master 512, with the 80186 co-processor board,
MOS 3.50 and two ROM boards attached
Two Master 128s
Two Acorn 6502 Second Processors
Four Microvitec Cub Monitors
Two double and two single floppy drives
Watford Electronics double drive monitor stand with
a 5.25" drive and a 3.5" drive
Five Acorn ROM cartridges
An Acorn mouse
Viglen Master ROM Cartridge system
and several cartridges
Solidisk Dual Floppy Disc Controller board
Uvipac EPROM Eraser
SC84 EPROM Copying Box
Two more boards as yet unidentified!
Two Joysticks
ROMs galore!
Several hundred discs
Lots of leads
A set of Acorn Manuals
A whole range of other books
Just about every book
ever written about the View family
Bound Volumes of every edition of
Beebug magazine ever
And last but not least...
A totally 100% genuine bona fide copy of
Acornsoft Elite together with the function key strip!!!

What a find! I am so very grateful to the gentleman who gave away his entire collection to me!

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