BeebMaster - Acorn Econet Bridge

Acorn Econet Bridge

The Econet Bridge is a miniature BBC micro, run by a 6502 processor and an 8K ROM containing the Bridge software.

The Bridge has 8K of RAM for buffering data transfers. In this Bridge the RAM is on a single 6264 RAM chip but there are three empty spaces indicating that earlier Bridges had four 2K RAM chips.

There are two Econet interfaces on the Bridge, one for each network, and two sets of links right at the top of the board for setting the network numbers.

Only two chips on the board are socketed - these are the Econet line driver chips, which tend to be socketed for ease of replacement, as they can easily blow if there is a power surge affecting the network. What isn't clear is why one of them is a 26LS30, as used in the Master series Econet interface, but the other is a 26LS34.

Another interesting feature is that the board contains space for two right-angled DIN sockets for the Econet connectors, but these are not used as expected. Instead, the DIN sockets are mounted on the back of the Bridge and connected to the board with spade connector wires.

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