Sarah Jane Smith

The event was based around UNIT, although sadly Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart wasn't there, which explains the "Security Pass" type of ticket and the chaps in combat fatigues seen lurking in the previous pictures. There was a really good line up of Dr Who worthies, namely Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, Caroline John, Richard Franklin, Michael Jayston and David Maloney and I got all their autographs at a signing session later on.

It was a real honour to get such a lovely golden inscription from Sarah Jane Smith, after all she is the undisputed companion of all companions of all time!

I didn't get any pictures of the other attendees; it's going back 16 years now which is half a lifetime ago for me, but I recall that photograph taking was very carefully controlled at this event, and you were only allowed to take a picture at specific pre-arranged times, one of which was the "Bessie" photocall shown earlier.