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1993 Dalek

I began my 1993 Dalek on 28th December 1993, not long after I received the Dalek plans from the 1973 Radio Times Dr. Who special from the BBC. In fact, the plans are wildly inaccurate and omit a great amount of critical detail but that didn't deter me!

The pictures above are probably from about 1995 given the amount of progress that had been made. Very little happened after 1995 because University got in the way so what you see above is about as finished as the 1993 Dalek got. These are the only surviving photographs of it that I have. It was quietly dismantled and disposed of whilst I was away but there are some parts left and I will bring you pictures of them just as soon as I get round to it.

In the meantime, I hope you will click on the pictures above to learn more about my most ambitious carpentry project to date.