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1993 Dalek

Me again, holding the eye-stalk which never got finished. It was another piece of broom handle with four hardboard cut-out circles glued onto it. I could never work out how we were going to do the ball at the end of the eye. The plans said it was a wooden ball with a cross-section sliced off completely, chamfered edges and painted perspex stuck on the end. All beyond me.

I think the black struts were made out of wood, or possibly hardboard, and painted. They were stuck on there temporarily with blue tack and the ones you see were as many as were made.

We made the balls out of papier mache but I can't remember what we used as the mould. They didn't come out quite a smoothly as I had hoped.

In this picture, you can see one of the castors which allowed me to trundle around the house chipping paint off all the door frames and generally getting in the way.